Studio Values

         At Bust A Move Dance, we care about providing all students with a quality and rich education in all things dance. Our staff undergo constant training and review to ensure your child is getting the best dance experience possible. We trust you will find our studio will provide you with not just quality education but so many other things. We strive to create a culture of community, support and encouragement in every aspect of our studio. We are not just a community, but a family. A family where everyone is loved, encouraged, supported and treated with respect. We want to ensure that every student who leaves doors comes bursting with joy and excitement for the next week.


        We know that we will be able to provide your child with all the amazing benefits dance has to offer in team work, confidence, self esteem, courage and joy as they dance their way not only to a healthy lifestyle but to being their very best. We will do this is the most age appropriate way ensure all our students are moving appropriately and to songs right for their age group.        


        Our core five values at Bust a Move Dance is quality, inclusive, respectful, family and joy and we are certain that no matter what class you are a part of you will experience all of these from start to end. No matter if your child partakes in once a week casual classes or in every class possible, we look forward to providing them with an incredible dance experience here at Bust a Move Dance.


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