These classes are specifically designed for our 12 to 14+ year old students who want to move and have a fun and creative performing arts experience. We offer many different styles of dance for our students.


13/U Troupe

This class is our competition class. Students will learn Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary and much more in this class. The students in this class. These students will compete in 4 competitions as well as their end of year concert.


Our Jazz class is a just for fun dance class where they learn the basics of Jazz and dance. The aim of this class is to get our kids moving and shaking and loving dance. Our seniors learn to kick, spin and leap their way around.


At Bust A Move, we teach all our students the Acrobatics Arts program. This program goes through the safe progressions of teaching kids how to roll, cart wheel, handstand and so much more. The kids will work on their strength and balance as they flip themselves around.


Our R.A.D ballet class teaches kids ballet which helps them work on their posture, grace, discipline and so much more. This class has a nice slow pace to it allowing students to focus and learn lots.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a funky, fresh and fun class where kids will be jumping, moving and laughing in no time! With vibrant new music and funky moves every kid will love this class.

Musical Theatre

In this class, students will sing, dance and act their way through kid friendly musical theatre numbers. You will see your little one truly come out of their shell and shine in this class.



In this class students works on public speaking, acting and being a character. They will improve their confidence and learn skills to be a strong and confident adult.


Tap focuses on Rhythm, sound, timing and musicality. Students wear shoes with tap plates to create sound, rhythm and beats.