Jazz Class

The Best Dance Studio in Winston Hills

Now is your chance to take jazz class at a dance studio in Winston Hills. If you're searching for a dance studio, then take a look at our jazz class at Bust-A-Move. Our jazz class began with Miss Kristy teaching six students and now has over 130 students per week! Jazz class teaches students coordination and movement. Plus, they get to meet new friends and have loads of fun with a supportive and inclusive community. Our dance studio in Winston Hills offers students an array of classes, including our jazz class, acrobatics class, and ballet dance training, where they learn performance skills as well as technique.

At Bust-A-Move, we believe in nurturing every child's unique talents, and we provide plenty of encouragement and support as they learn new skills in jazz class. We believe that every student is a star. At our dance studio in Winston Hills, you will find our studio not only provides jazz class with quality education but also skills such as teamwork that will last a lifetime. And the self-confidence that comes from jazz class is a valuable side-effect, as well.

Our goal is to provide a culture of community, support, and encouragement at our dance studio in Winston Hills and all of our other locations. We are not just a community— we're a family that gives love and support. We treat everyone with respect and ensure that every student is excited about their jazz class at our dance studio in Winston Hills.

We don't just say that every kid deserves a chance to shine. They can enjoy a week of free jazz class to see if they want to try it. Come in and check out all of our classes to see which one feels the best.