2020 Bust A Move Concert

Most Promising Baby - Caroline-Marie Geagea
Jazz High Achiever - Aurora-Rose Daly
Acrobatics High Achiever - Siria Mondinelli
Hip Hop High Achiever - Layla Carrasco 
Drama High Achiever - Amelia Ghanem
Tap High Achiever - Lauren Blair
Musical Theatre High Achiever - Marie-Jose Younes
Ballet High Achiever - Charlotte Peters
Senior Most Improved - Sarah Clark
Junior Most Improved - Tara McEwan
Most Dedicated Troupe Performer - Ryleigh Byrnes
Solo Performer Of The Year - Ciara Shannahan
Junior Studio Champion - Isobel Patten
Senior Studio Champion - Stephanie Tenison

2019 Bust A Move Concert

Most Promising Baby - Aislinn O'Neill
Most Outstanding Jazz Dancer - Loretta Bigelow
Most Outstanding Acrobatics Dancer - Eden Guerreiro
Most Outstanding Hip Hop Dancer - Nicholas Selman
Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Dancer - Hayley Tenison
Most Outstanding Ballet Dancer - Lauren Blair
Studio Most Improved - Holly Thomas
Junior Most Dedicated - Ebony Tai
Senior Most Dedicated - Stephanie Tenison
Junior Studio Champion - Jayde Wambu
Senior Studio Champion - Ciara Shanahan