Hip Hop:

In Hip Hop, students will be exploring the latest in dance culture. It will be a 45 minute class where students will complete two routines, one for mid-year showcase and one for end of year concert.

Boys Only Classes:

I am very proud of the fantastic 'Boys Only' program that has developed over the last few years. We have a huge male cohort which is great for boys to build their confidence in dance without being outnumbered by girls in their classes. Boys can come and feel confident to express their creativity and energy in a safe environment that nurtures dance.


Classical ballet is a foundational style of dance for all dancers. It uses precise sets and gestures to set music to train and develop a dancers technical skills. Ballet is known for being a graceful and delicate style of dance that teaches students discipline, focus, posture as well as technique. At Bust a Move, we use the RAD ballet syllabus, which originate at the Royal Academy of Dance in England. This syllabus allow the students to progress through grades and learn the fundamental skills of ballet. We also use our classes to explore many traditional ballet performances, such as the Nutcracker, Swanlake, Sleeping Beauty and so much more. Students who do ballet will have the opportunity to learn Pointe work as they get older to experience the full range of being a ballerina.


In tap, we use tap shoes (a heeled shoe with tap plates) to make rhythms and beats with our feet. Tap combines the love of dance, music and performance as students express them self through dance and rhythms created by their feet. We look forward to introducing ATOD Tap into our studio, a syllabus written by a former tap dog. This style of tap allows students to progress through grades and become incredible tappers and increase their musicality awareness. We love tap at Bust a Move and think it is a style everyone should give a go!


In 2020, we have introduced the recreational classes. These classes or for those kids who just want to have lots of fun while they explore dance. They do not do competitions, only the studios showcase and concert. These classes have a jazz focus with the ability to continue exploring through lyrical, hip hop and contemporary. We are so excited to offer these classes for students who just want to have a boogie and learn something new!


In 2020, we have introduced Leaps, Kicks and Turns. This class specifically focuses on these three things. Students do not learn and choreography in this class, instead they work on their strength and flexibility to become a better dancer. This class is so vital as it teaches students how to strengthen their muscles and be a safe dance to ensure for full life body movement. By doing this class, students can be assured they will learn things and improve their body for years to come so that they can be movers for life.


Acrobatics is our most popular class at Bust a Move. We have highly trained teachers who will help your child become the acrobat they have always wanted to be. We are aiming to have the Acrobatics Arts syllabus in our studio by 2020. The Acrobatics Arts syllabus works students safely through acrobatics allowing them to progress correctly through technique and advance through the levels. We have chosen Acrobatics Arts as it is the most technically safe and effective acrobatics program, known all around the world. Acrobatics creates a strong, resilient and hard working student as they learn new tricks and skills every week.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a genre of entertainment which uses acting, singing and dancing to entertain the audience. Our Musical Theatre aims to focus on the 3 skills students need to enter the musical theatre world. They will work on dancing, singing and acting throughout the year. They will perform one routine at mid-year showcase and one at the end of year showcase. Whether your child is a brilliant singer/dancer or has never done it before, this class is for them! Our teachers love to see all students shine and give something new a go.


Troupe is an elite group of dancers selected for technical training in order to be competition and performance ready. Troupe is for technically outstanding dancers who are both committed and passionate about dance. Troupe has now been running since midyear 2011 and has seen much improvement for those selected students. This is an opportunity for your child to take their dance training to the next level and experience the joy of performance, teamwork and competition. Although we are asking for extra commitment from your dancer, it is not high stress. The students involved experience a real bond amongst each other, enjoy the process and feel part of a team. 


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